JULY 15 - JULY 31, 2007
River Expedition Art Foundation's 2007 Main Expedition
and our first non-river expedition.  We traveled from
Giant Provincial Park
on the east side of Thunder Bay to Rainbow
Falls Provincial Park
east of Rossport, Ontario.

Steve Bruno; Ontario - Ontario government official
Gary McGuffin; Ontario - Expert canoeist, pro photographer
Joanie McGuffin; Ontario - Expert canoeist, writer
Rob Mullen; Vermont - Artist/canoeist/project leader
Patricia Pepin; Quebec - Artist/canoeist
Andrea Rich; California - Artist/canoeist

This expedition was undertaken as part of the final push to
establish this area as Canada's fourth
National Marine
Conservation Area
.  Expedition crewmembers Gary and Joanie
McGuffin and the
Lake Superior Conservancy and Watershed
Council (LSCWC; had been working toward
this goal for fifteen years and it came to fruition on October 25,
2007 when they met with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen
Harper as he announced the designation in Ottawa.
July 16, 2007
stopped to explore an outcrop of columnar basalt