"Turbulent Currents" Harlequin Ducks on the
Kamestastin River 9"x 18" acrylic
"Marsh Munchkin" 9"x 6" acrylic
(private collection)
"Nestled In" Long-eared Owl
10"x 8" acrylic (Private Collection)
"Champlain Dawn"
12"x 24" acrylic
(private collection)
"Hunter's Moon" Barn Owl
12"x 16" acrylic; private collecction
"Coming Home" Harricana River, 19" x 38" acrylic (available)
"Passage of Matashu" Raven and  Extinct eastern Grizzly  (Loring and Spiess
- Mushuau-Shipu (George River), northern Québec  
"Wing Light" Willow Ptarmigan
12" z 16" acrylic (available)
"Snow Squall" Snowy Owl
18" z 24" acrylic (available)